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Annual Overview Heights and Minds 2022

A special thank you to our partners, sponsors, volunteers, interns, and everyone who has supported Heights and Minds this past year 💖 Together we have contributed to a better future for many children in Senegal, Indonesia, and Uganda. Curious about all of the achievements this past year? Check out our Annual Overview of 2022 (click on the photo and 'go to link').

The KYC MindUp in Uganda has opened it's door on April 11 2022!

On April 11 2022 we've celebrated the official opening of the KYC MindUp in Kawempe District, Uganda! The past month,11 participants followed the Heights and Minds' MindUp training at KYC to become MindUp Managers and Volunteers. From now on, the MUMs are ready to monitor children's growth and counsel pregnant women and parents of young children on the growth and development of their child. Click on the image and "go to link" to read more about the KYC MindUp opening and training!


Highlights of 2021

We wish you all a very happy, healthy, successful, and fun 2022 Despite Covid measures Heights and Minds is very pleased to report considerable progress. Click on the photo and "go to link" to see our highlights of 2021!

The target goal has been reached!!! 💫🙌🏽🎊🎉🌍

Together we have ensured that children in Uganda can reach their potential and that they have a fair chance at a happy, healthy and productive life - Happy Healthy Kids in Uganda. For this, we would like to thank you very much. Also we want to thank Triodos Foundation for using their Give the Change platform. Want to know more? Click on the photo and "go to link".

Global Minds Award 2021

The collaboration between the Heights and Minds Foundation and Nutrition & Dietetics Odisee University of Applied Sciences was rewarded with the 2021 Global Minds award for the adaptability of intercultural internships during covid times but most of all for our sustainable international cooperation 💫🎉🤩

Progress MindUp Senegal 2020-2021

Curious about the progress of the MindUp "Tawfekh Keur Djaboot" in Senegal 2020-2021? Check out the powerpoint with a summary of their achievements! Click on the photo and "go to link".

Progress MindUp Indonesia 2020-2021

Curious about the progress of the MindUp "Ruang Riung Ceria" in Indonesia 2020-2021? Check out the powerpoint with a summary of their achievements! Click on the photo and "go to link".

Heights and Minds is very excited to announce a new sponsorship which will revolutionize its registry and monitoring system. IT company ServiceHeroes is providing Heights and Minds with a license to their 'awesome' ServiceHighway platform. HeightsandMinds will soon start using this transformational technology, the "Service Highway", to reduce reporting and management time requirements to a bare mimimum while maintaining a high level of real time data and transparency.

MindUp Ruang Riang Ceria in Indonesia has opened!!!

We are happy to announce that the MindUP “Ruang Riung Ceria” (RRC) is opened in Rancaecek in the Bandung Regency of Indonesia. This MindUp is opened under the partnership of Tunas Nusa and Heights & Mind Foundation, being part of the proof of concept pilot. The RRC was built with the help of the community, using recycled materials. Click on the picture/link to read more!


First 1,000 days album

Curious about what we did during the first half of 2020? Click on the picture!

Partnership Tunas Nusa

We will soon be signing a Partnership agreement with the Tunas Nusa Foundation to open a MindUp called Ruang Riang Ceria in Rancaekek, Indonesia with which we add child growth and development to their many exciting activities.

Mind Up Keur Jaboot in Dakar, Senegal has opened it's doors!!

On January 15, 2020 the MindUp Keur Jaboot in Jaxaay, Dakar, Senegal was opened.


Diam Ak Khewal

On October 31, 2019 the MindUp Tawfekh Diam in Hann Bel Air, Dakar, Senegal was opened.

Partnership CLM and Heights and Minds

On October 30, 2019 the Partnership between the Senegalese National Nutrition Commission (CNDN) and Heights and Minds was signed.


The Heights and Minds Foundation didirikan pada November 2017.

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